Xtreme 4x4 - Mud Truck Part III, Mud Racing from Louisiana

Mud Truck Part III, Mud Racing from Louisiana


800 horse mud dragster gets suspension, steering, full floating axles, then gets fired up! Our bogger also gets closer to the starting line with heavy duty gearsets, brake boosters and upgraded leaf springs. Plus Ian goes one stop shopping for all the fuel cell plumbing to make building a race truck easier. Then our cameras travel to Monroe, Louisiana for sticky gumbo mud racing action in high definition!

Ballistic Fabrication


  • Threaded tubing adapters.

Hedman Hedders


  • Hedman Husler race headers, HTC coated Zoomie upright pulling header.

Interco Tire Co.


  • 15/39.5-15 Super Swamper TSL, 18/39.5-15 Super Swamper Bogger.

Aeromotive Inc.


  • Kit components include: 11101 A1000 Pump 13204 Regulator (2) billet fuel filters braided lines hose ends, fittings, wiring, & relay all additional hardware to install the system Dual Action Adjustable Fuel Log

QA1 Precision Products,Inc.


  • XM Rod Ends.

Randy's Ring & Pinion


  • Yukon 9.0" HD 3.250" Race Nodular iron dropout housing case. Yukon high performance spool, 5.13 gearset, Oversize aluminum pinion support, complete bearing and shim kit.

Rough Country Suspension Systems


  • Front leaf springs, u-bolts, polyurethane bushings, 4 Rough Country Nitro 9000 series shocks, rear springs and installation hardware.



  • All Spider 9 Axle Housings are 65" long (plenty of axle tube to cut to size) and are available with forward engine third member orientation or mid-engine third member orientation (as used in mid-engine competition rock crawlers). All housings are designed to work with Ford 9" style third members. The Spidertrax 1 Ton Full Floater End Cup Kit makes it easy to build your Spider 9 Housing into a competition grade full floating rear axle. Each cup is designed to press fit onto the Spider 9 housing with 3-1/2" OD tube and accept the Spidertrax 1 Ton Unit Bearing. Spidertrax upgraded F450 Ford 1 ton unit bearings. Spidertrax 4340 35 Spline Drive Flange Kit.

Summit Racing


  • 5 Gallon aluminum fuel cell.

  • Underdash mount pedal assembly, dual master cylinders for reverse mount pedal.

2013 | EPISODE 01

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 2 / Hudlow Axles

Why pay big money for a capable front axle, when you can build your own custom setup, using two junkyard housings? You'll save hundreds on your project!

2013 | EPISODE 02

Half-Price Raptor Part 5 / KOH Qualifier

Our F-150 to Raptor conversion continues, with a powerful 5.4L engine upgrade. Plus: all the action from the Rausch Creek KOH Qualifier!

2013 | EPISODE 03

Diesel Buggy Part 6 / Driveway Rescue Project 1

Our turbodiesel rig gets a custom air box, revamped suspension, and more! Plus, we?ll help a viewer beef up his TJ in our first "Driveway Rescue".

2013 | EPISODE 04

Trekking Tacoma Part 1

With some planning and the right upgrades, the Tacoma can be a very capable expedition rig. Our conversion begins with a complete suspension redesign.

2013 | EPISODE 05

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 3 / Southeast Tough Truck Challenge

You don't need a shop full of dedicated equipment to build a capable crawler! Plus: all the axle-breaking action from the SETTC!

2013 | EPISODE 06

Trekking Tacoma Part 2 / Easter Jeep Safari

Our expedition Toyota receives all the gear for the long journey -including solar power, rugged cargo storage, and more. Plus: the Easter Jeep Safari!

2013 | EPISODE 07

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 4 / Driveway Rescue Project 2

Our ready-to-weld crawler kit will soon be rolling, with hydraulic steering and air struts! Plus: Easy lighting upgrades for one of our viewers.

2013 | EPISODE 08

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 5 / Streetwerkz Powder Coating

Our buggy-in-a-box kit receives heavy-duty transmission components, and an affordable transfer case with improved low-range capability.

2013 | EPISODE 09

Trekking Tacoma Part 3

We designed a safari truck, complete with solar power, secure storage, and a rugged solid axle... now we'll test it on the road and in the woods!

2013 | EPISODE 10

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 6 / Driveway Rescue Project 3

Today we focus on a project designed for the weekend welder: the final assembly of our tube buggy. Steering upgrades, cooling system, and more!

2013 | EPISODE 11

Project: MF JK Part 1

The 2013 Jeep JK just begs for heavy duty upgrades! We makes ours trail-ready with 3" of lift, complete body armor, Magnaflow exhaust, and more!

2013 | EPISODE 12

Project: MF JK Part 2

Our 2013 JK has all the performance parts you could want... now it receives a style upgrade, including a stainless steel roof rack. Plus:  Zombies!!

2013 | EPISODE 13

The Xtreme 4x4 Mail Bag

We've got the info you need to keep your rig running smooth! Including: choosing the right tire for your axle, wiring an electric fan, and more.

2013 | EPISODE 14

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 7 / Driveway Rescue 4

Our four-seater receives a high-end driveline, dual-braking system, and more! Plus: bumpers and a winch for one of our viewers, on "Driveway Rescue".

2013 | EPISODE 15

Rod Jeep Part 1

A totaled 2007 JK will become an over-engineered trail rig, thanks in part to the HEMI inside this junkyard Jeep!

2013 | EPISODE 16

Short Course RC Cars / Dirt Riot Moab

It's affordable, fast, and fun! We'll upgrade our short course RC car, and get driving tips from a pro racer. Plus: Dirt Riot action from Moab!

2013 | EPISODE 17

Two-Car Garage Crawler Part 8: Payoff

We built up a buggy from a kit chassis, with only the tools you'd find in a typical home garage. Today, we test it out at Mayhem Off Road Park!

2013 | EPISODE 18

Hot Rod Jeep Part 2

Take a junkyard JK, add a Hemi, upgraded suspension, a bunch of custom fab work, and you've got the off-road version of the classic Hot Rod!

2013 | EPISODE 19

Driveway Rescue Part 5

The 1978 FJ40 was a great rig, but the manual steering is definitely outdated. We'll help one viewer update his ride, with modern power steering.

2013 | EPISODE 20

Team-Built TJ Part 1

We transform an underpowered, rough-riding Jeep TJ into a fully-armored dual-purpose rig! Upgrades include a 4.0L straight-six engine and more!

2013 | EPISODE 21

Team-Built TJ Part 2

With the help of an all-star team of auto techs, one viewer's Jeep TJ will handle rocks & asphalt with style! 37" tires, a beefy rollcage, and more!

2013 | EPISODE 22

Team-Built TJ Part 3

Ian and a coast-to-coast crew of auto techs transform one viewer's TJ into a tough dual-purpose rig! Today: fresh paint, air lockers, and steering.

2013 | EPISODE 23

Team-Built TJ Part 4

We completely redesigned one viewer's TJ from the ground up... it's time for him to find out what his Jeep can do on some rocky off-road trails!

2012 | EPISODE 01

Aluminum Samurai Part I

With a redesigned custom frame, we begin our latest and greatest vision of the Suzuki Samurai! Plus, tips for building your own chassis.

2012 | EPISODE 02

Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part 2

Our Expedition Grand Cherokee project continues, with upgrades to the transfer case and steering. Plus: all the action from the Dixie Run trail ride!

2012 | EPISODE 03

Blog Buggy Part 4

We build big power on our 5.3L small block, with a new camshaft, upgraded valve train, plus a custom turbo setup!

2012 | EPISODE 04

Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part 3

We take our Grand Cherokee and expedition trailer on a camping trip, for a weekend full of wheeling fun!

2012 | EPISODE 05

Aluminum Samurai Part 2

Our redesigned Samurai receives a lightweight aluminum body, custom roll cage, rock sliders and more!

2012 | EPISODE 06

Blog Buggy Part 5

With our Blog Buggy as an example, we show you how to make body panels for your tube buggy. Plus: exciting off-road racing action from the ECORS series!

2012 | EPISODE 07

Blog Buggy Part 6

We finish up the Blog Buggy, and venture out for a demanding day on the rocks! Plus: a space-saving rooftop tent for our WJ.

2012 | EPISODE 08

Half-Price Raptor Part 1 / Jeep TJ Part 1

So you want the performance of the Ford Raptor, without the price?  Today on Xtreme 4x4, we design a ride that competes with the Raptor...at half the cost!

2012 | EPISODE 09

Half-Price Raptor Part 2

We rebuild an F-150 to compete with the Raptor - at half the price!  Bypass shocks and extended control arms give us greater performance and control.

2012 | EPISODE 10

Chase Truck Part 1 / Jeep TJ Part 2

We transform a Chevy 2500 HD into a chase truck, ready to provide support for a Jeep Speed desert racer.  Plus: how to strengthen your TJ's roll cage.

2012 | EPISODE 11

Spring Rates 101 / Gorilla Run Hill Climb

We focus on setting up your rig's spring rate for peak performance.  Plus: horsepower and heartbreak at the Gorilla Run hill climb!

2012 | EPISODE 12

Chase Truck Part 2

Our 2500 HD chase truck receives engine updates, body protection, and powerful work lights. Then we'll load up our racer for a run on the open road!

2012 | EPISODE 13

Aluminum Samurai Part 3 / Jeep TJ Part 3

The Aluminum-tubbed Samurai gains style points with handmade half-doors, HID lights, and a durable paint job. Plus: driveline upgrades for our TJ!

2012 | EPISODE 14

Essential Trail Gear and Tips / Jeep TJ Part 4

Don't get stuck on the trail! We cover the essential tips and tools you'll want to have ready for your next trip. Plus: trail-ready seats for our TJ.

2012 | EPISODE 15

Aluminum Samurai Part 4: Zuwharrie Trail Ride

We bring our Aluminum-bodied Samurai to the Zuwharrie Trail Ride, and check out all the rigs at the East Coast's premier Suzuki Event.

2012 | EPISODE 16

Half-Price Raptor Part 3 / Jeep Speed Up Close

To run like a Raptor, our F-150 receives a cost-conscious Lighting powerplant.  Plus: an in-depth look at Jeep Speed racers.

2012 | EPISODE 17

Half-Price Raptor Part 4 / Jeep TJ Part 5

Our F-150 project's got plenty of substance, but Raptor-inspired body panels will give it style, too! Plus: interior improvements for our TJ.

2012 | EPISODE 18

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 1 / Inside the Rock Crawler

With only a welder and some common shop tools, we put together a DIY chassis kit. Plus: In-depth info on one of the toughest tube buggies around!

2012 | EPISODE 19

Jeep TJ: On the Road, In the Rocks!

After a comprehensive upgrade of our TJ's tires, driveline, and suspension, we try out our Jeep on the road and in the rocks!

2011 | EPISODE 01

Diesel Buggy Part 4 - Suspension, Steering

The diesel rolled tube buggy gets a cantilevered suspension, and full hydraulic steering.

2011 | EPISODE 02

Nissan Crew Truck Part Three

Our Pathfinder gets off the shop floor and onto rebuild solid axles, plus, new gearing for the trail, and 3,000 watts of inverted power to charge camera batteries!

2011 | EPISODE 03

Full Size Blazer Part One

We perform a solid axle swap on a full-size Chevy Blazer, ditching the IFS, making it a more capable off roader.

2011 | EPISODE 04

Supercharged JK Part 3

We supercharged our stock 6 cylinder Jeep with hopes of making similar performance numbers of the Hemi swap, and 1/3rd the price.

2011 | EPISODE 05

Diesel Buggy Part 5

Fleece Performance turns our stock Duramax into a high performance diesel monster!

2011 | EPISODE 06

Full Size Blazer Part 2

In the second stage of our full-size Blazer, we upgrade the suspension, add lockers, bumpers and a whole lot more.

2011 | EPISODE 07

Full Size Blazer Part 3, Low Dollar Wheeler 2

Big tires, a worn out motor our full size Blazer is in for some engine upgrades. We teardown the small block and build it up with E-Tec top end kit from Edelbrock including heads, intake, camshaft.  Then we gut the interior for a full roll cage.

2011 | EPISODE 08

Green Samurai Returns!

You loved our Samurai with its vegetable oil burning Jetta diesel. The BioZuke returns with an eye on getting more power. Drivetrain upgrades will include new running gear, funky beadlock rims & tires, lockers, and 100% new aftermarket axle housings.

2011 | EPISODE 09

14-Bolt Axle 101 / Low Dollar Wheeler Part 3

We show you all the tricks to turn your 14-bolt axle into an off-road beast! Plus, suspension upgrades for the Low Dollar Wheeler Cherokee.

2011 | EPISODE 10

Full-Size Blazer Part IV / Low Dollar Wheeler Part 4

Our Blazer will be trailworthy, after exhaust and engine upgrades! Plus: our Low Dollar Wheeler gets a Ford 8.8 axle with aftermarket internals.

2011 | EPISODE 11

Tig Welding 101

Learn to TIG your rig! We examine the details of TIG welding, and show you the specifics for steel and aluminum applications.

2011 | EPISODE 12

Blog Buggy Part 1

We chose the chassis, but you choose the rest! From engine to axles, suspension to stereo-we fill our rig with parts voted on by our viewers!

2011 | EPISODE 13

Blog Buggy Part 2 / Low Dollar Wheeler 5

Using our online viewer poll as the blueprint, we continue the build of our Blog Buggy rock crawler. We'll add engine protection, a winch, and more!

2011 | EPISODE 14

Toyota Mini Truck on the Rocks

Our 1991 Toyota Xtra Cab tears up the trail at Mayhem Off-Road Park, after several major upgrades, such as 44" tires and a custom link suspension!

2011 | EPISODE 15

Full Size Blazer Trail Ride

After several upgrades, our Blazer is transformed from a street truck to a trail rig ready to take on the rocks all day, and take us home afterwards!

2011 | EPISODE 16

Low Dollar Wheeler Off-Road

With our budget Cherokee complete, we're ready for the trail! It doesn't take a whole lot of money to have a whole lot of fun!

2011 | EPISODE 17

Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part I

With an updated suspension kit, our 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee begins the transformation into an Expedition SUV, ready for long-distance adventures!

2011 | EPISODE 18

Shock Tuning 101

Tuning your shocks can yield major improvements in comfort and control. We test and tune our Blazer's suspension for maximum performance!

2011 | EPISODE 19

Blog Buggy Part 3

The Blog Buggy comes closer to completion, as we add hydraulic steering, seating, lighting, and more! Plus: cooling system installation tips.

2010 | EPISODE 01

'69 International Scout Part VI - Springs, Brake, Fuel System

The International Scout returns for an aftermarket brake kit, new springs to lower center of gravity, and a fuel system.

2010 | EPISODE 02

Budget Buggy Part IV - Custom Paint with Aerosol Cans & Re-Assembly

Part Budget Buggy returns for custom paint from spray cans. Plus part 1 of America's Top Trails: Kentucky and New Mexico.

2010 | EPISODE 03

'69 International Scout Part VII - Wiring Basics, Gauges, Schematics, Troubleshooting

How to rewire your trail truck for simple circuits, ignition, relays, breakers, lights with examples shown as we wire up our IH Scout.

2010 | EPISODE 04

MIG Welding 101 Different Machines, Set Up's and Techniques / America's Top Trails Part 2

MIG welding basics, machines, gasses, setups, and welding techniques all explained.

2010 | EPISODE 05

Military 6x6 Bobbed Deuce Part I

We take a 3 decade old military fire truck, gut it, and turn it into a bobbed deuce that will conquer the trails!

2010 | EPISODE 06

Mud Truck Part V - Recap and Dirty Payoff

Mud truck returns for its dirty payoff after we recap the build of this 800 horsepower ?Mad Max? of a machine!

2010 | EPISODE 07

Military 6x6 Bobbed Deuce Part II

Our Military deuce gets airbags and 4 link suspension, plus we?ll build a custom bed where the fire junk used to be.

2010 | EPISODE 08

Budget TJ Jeep Part II

How to modify Dana 60 axles to fit a Jeep TJ for custom width and heavy duty axle components.

2010 | EPISODE 09

Loctite "Nominate a Hero" UTV Giveaway

How to upgrade a Yamaha Rhino side-by-side with 13" long travel suspension, performance exhaust and other goodies.

2010 | EPISODE 10

Diesel Buggy Part 1 - Step by Step Design.

Build a buggy from scratch in part one of our super cool diesel buggy project. Plus how to use a roll bender.

2010 | EPISODE 11

'69 International Scout Part VI - E85 Tune - Plus Street and Trail Payoff!

Final episode of our Scout build as we put to the test our year and a half multi-purpose street and trail truck.

2010 | EPISODE 12

Budget TJ Jeep Part III

Daily driver weekend wheeler gets beefier with t-case rebuild, pre-cut cage kit and more!

2010 | EPISODE 13

Military 6x6 Bobbed Deuce Part III - Finale!

Bobbed deuce gets a diy paint job, along with a trip to the trail to see how it performs on the rocks.

2010 | EPISODE 14

Aluminum Welding

Aluminum fabrication 101, with details on how to weld with composite alloys, convert your machine, and using a spool gun.

2010 | EPISODE 15

Toyota Mini Part 4 - Custom Axles & Suspension

Toyota mini truck is back for bullet proof axles and custom suspension, way better than the original independent front.

2010 | EPISODE 16

Toyota Mini Part 5 - Questions and Answers

There are lots of choices when putting together your trail truck. Today, Ian answers the most popular questions.

2010 | EPISODE 17

Budget TJ Part IV - Finale

Tricked out TJ is ready for the trail, plus a look at lightweight new aluminum body protection for the 4 door Jeep Wranglers.

2010 | EPISODE 18

Diesel Buggy Part 2 - Dixie Trail Run

How to flip and create a custom width Rockwell axle, plus our Scrambler takes on competitors at the annual Dixie Run.

2010 | EPISODE 19

Supercharged JK Part 1

Step-by-step how to install a supercharger on a V6 Jeep JK, to get additional 100 HP at wheels! Plus range box and axle upgrades.

2010 | EPISODE 20

Supercharged JK Part 2

More add ons for our 2010 Wrangler JK including 4 link suspension, cage and more. Plus a tour of Rusty's Off Road fab shop.

2010 | EPISODE 21

Diesel Buggy Part 3

The Duramax is slipped into our Curvy buggy with details on engine mounts, seats, fuel cell and more!

2010 | EPISODE 22

The LS Series Engines for Off Road

We explore the LS series of engines and how they compare to typical small block motors for off-road applications.

2010 | EPISODE 23

Fuel Saving Street Truck Start to Finish

We recap our fuel saving street truck with great ideas to save bucks at the pump, and make it more capable off road.

2009 | EPISODE 01

S10 Truggy Part IV - All Stock Rock Crawl Nationals from Hannibal, MO

Xtreme's S10 Truggy gets custom suspension, drivetrain, rock lights, light bar, floods and more.

2009 | EPISODE 02

CJ8 Scrambler Part II

Xtreme'€™s Jeep Scrambler gets it tub, drivetrain, beadlocks and welded cage all on a budget theme.

2009 | EPISODE 03

Mud Truck Part III, Mud Racing from Louisiana

Xtreme's Mud Truck gets finished up and fired up! And Ian goes fuel cell plumbing shopping.

2009 | EPISODE 04

Buying a Used Buggy - Repairs and Upgrades

We show you how to inspect a used truck/buggy and fix what needs repairing including cage redesign.

2009 | EPISODE 05

CJ8 Scrambler Part III, Brad Lovell Rock Crawl Champion.

"2-car garage" theme continues with Scrambler pt.III, axles, lockers, exhaust, gauges, wiring and more!.

2009 | EPISODE 06

'69 International Scout Part 1

Xtreme takes a classic '69 International Scout and turns it into a modern dual purpose rig.

2009 | EPISODE 07

Suspension 101 - Rock Racing

How to choose a custom suspension and building a double triangulated 4 link.

2009 | EPISODE 08

CJ 8 Scrambler Part IV Dual Fuel

Step by step how-to on a dual fuel gas/propane setup on Xtreme’s CJ8 Scrambler.

2009 | EPISODE 09

'69 International Scout Part II

Classic truck returns with step-by-step gear install, teardown of stock V8, and a flex fuel conv.

2009 | EPISODE 10

Mud Truck Part IV - The Science of a Mud Track!

Last day in the shop for our €™87 ¾ ton Chevy with 588 big block super stock Mud Bogger!

2009 | EPISODE 11

S10 Truggy Part V

Green Envy is what we're calling our truck/buggy combo, in this episode custom dash, audio and more.

2009 | EPISODE 12

'69 International Scout Part III - W.E.Rock Geo Tracker

The Scout 800A returns for drivetrain install, motor rebuild and E85 ethanol conversion.

2009 | EPISODE 13

Budget Buggy Part I

We'll start our first single seat buggy with a junkyard Acura motor, 4 wheel steer, custom chassis.

2009 | EPISODE 14

Budget Buggy Part II - King of Hammers Preview

Budget buggy part 2, building junkyard Toy axles, plus a preview to our '09 King of Hammers Special.

2009 | EPISODE 15

Xtreme 4x4 King of the Hammers Special!

2009 King of the Hammers, Xtreme 4x4 Special from the Hammer Trails in Johnson Valley, California.

2009 | EPISODE 16

S10 Truggy Finale/Payoff

S10 Truggy is done, plumbed greased and gassed for one of the most hardcore Xtreme 4x4 payoffs ever!

2009 | EPISODE 17

'69 International Scout Part IV "Roll Cage Tech" Rock Racing Profile: Levi Shirley

How to keep your brains in your skull in case of a rollover with a good solid safe roll cage design.

2009 | EPISODE 18

Towing 101

Towing 101, building a rig specific trailer, plus hitch selection, brake controllers and much more.

2009 | EPISODE 19

Budget Buggy Part III - Steering Front/Rear Axles

Refurbishing junkyard Toyota axles for our rear steer Budget Buggy in order to handle 42” tires.

2009 | EPISODE 20

CJ8 Scrambler Part V - Payoff!

Our Scrambler hybrid Jeep is finished and paid off at Superlift Off Road Park in Hot Springs, AR.

2009 | EPISODE 21

'69 International Scout Part V - Transmission & Winch Rebuild

Making the old new again! We'€™ll rebuild a 700R4 automatic transmission and pulling winch.

2009 | EPISODE 22

Budget TJ Part 1

Part one of our Budget TJ begins with body protection, suspension, wheels and tires!

2009 | EPISODE 23

Remote Control Rock Crawler Build!

Can't afford to build a full size toy? We'll show you how to build your own radio controlled truck!

2008 | EPISODE 01

Project S10 Truggy Part I

Xtreme 4x4 transforms a 1994 Chevy S10 into a hardcore 'truggy'. This $750 dollar junker will be the ultimate off road play toy.

2008 | EPISODE 02

CORR Pro II Part V - W.E.ROCK Grand Nationals

2008 | EPISODE 03

Green Samurai Part III - Finale

2008 | EPISODE 04

Transfer Case 101 Mayhem Off-Road Rock Racing

Ian heads to Viola, Tennessee to find out in this one off rock race.

2008 | EPISODE 05

S10 Truggy Part II

Ultimate this?... Ultimate that!

2008 | EPISODE 06

Nissan Crew Truck Part I - Monster Truck Freestyle from Indy

2008 | EPISODE 07

Dual Purpose TJ Part I - Scott Taylor CORR Profile

2008 | EPISODE 08

Dual Purpose TJ Part II

2008 | EPISODE 09

Dual Purpose TJ Part III

2008 | EPISODE 10

Toyota Mini Truck Revisit - Trail Tips

2008 | EPISODE 11

Mud Truck Part 1

2008 | EPISODE 12

Ultimate 1 Ton Work Truck - Rebuilding Together Charity

2008 | EPISODE 13

Make Your Own Bio Diesel - King of the Hammers

2008 | EPISODE 14

CORR Pro 2 Race Truck Part VI - Finale. Off Road Expo Winners from Pomona

2008 | EPISODE 15

Nissan Crew Truck Part II - Full Size Trail Ride from Colorado

2008 | EPISODE 16

Dual Purpose TJ Part IV - Mickey Thompson Tuff Truck Series

2008 | EPISODE 17

Dual Purpose TJ Part V / Female Rock Crawler - Nicole Johnson

2008 | EPISODE 18

Mud Truck Part II - Best in the Desert / Terribles 250 from Primm, NV

2008 | EPISODE 19

S-10 Truggy Part III

One of our most over-the-top and most popular builds returns to the fabrication shop.

2008 | EPISODE 20

Fabrication Beginner to Advanced!

In this episode, host Ian Johnson takes his 18 years experience as a GM Technician, shop instructor, and custom truck builder, and shares his knowledge of fabrication.

2008 | EPISODE 21

Dual Purpose TJ Part VI - Payoff!

2008 | EPISODE 22

Jeep Scrambler Part I

2008 | EPISODE 23

Xtreme 4x4 on the Trail

2007 | EPISODE 01

Bottom Drawer Buggy Part II - Ian Johnson Mud Racing / Smoke Run, PA

2007 | EPISODE 02

Bottom Drawer Buggy Finale / CORR Carl Renezeder Profile - Chula Vista, CA

2007 | EPISODE 03

Kelderman 2008 F250 Superduty / W.E.ROCK World Championship - Las Vegas

2007 | EPISODE 04

FJ Cruiser I / Saggin' Wagon III - Casey Illinois Endurance Race

2007 | EPISODE 05

FJ Cruiser II Payoff / Saggin' Wagon IV - Tucson, AZ trails

2007 | EPISODE 06

JK Wrangler Dual Build - Camp Jeep

2007 | EPISODE 07

Cheap Jeep Returns / Ultimate Axle Show! - Top Shop Challenge

2007 | EPISODE 08

CORR Pro II Trophy Truck Part 1 - Track Tech, Chula Vista, CA

2007 | EPISODE 09

Jeep Speed II - Pro Truck Series: Staats Family

2007 | EPISODE 10

JK Stage II Payoff - Mud Racing: Young Guns vs. Old Timers

2007 | EPISODE 11

SubUrban Gorilla Part IX - Pro Truck Series Legend Rod Hall

2007 | EPISODE 12

CORR Pro II Trophy Truck - Part 2

2007 | EPISODE 13

Rockwell Rebuild - Bottom Drawer Buggy Payoff 2

2007 | EPISODE 14

CORR Pro II Trophy Truck - Part 3

2007 | EPISODE 15

SubUrban Gorilla Part X - Tow/Trail/Recovery Payoff - Aussie W.E.ROCK

2007 | EPISODE 16

Hybrid 609 Axle Build - MOAB I

2007 | EPISODE 17


2007 | EPISODE 18

Twin Toyota Part II - Trail Payoff

2007 | EPISODE 19

CORR Part IV - Extreme Rhino Racing

2007 | EPISODE 20

Samurai Part I - W.E.ROCK III

2007 | EPISODE 21

Samurai Part II - MOAB II

2007 | EPISODE 22

Cheap Jeep Returns

2007 | EPISODE 23

Dirt Sports Baja Charity Run Special!

2006 | EPISODE 05

Formula Toy Part One!

2006 | EPISODE 06

Cheap Jeep Part III Tranny Tech and W.E.ROCK Nationals

2006 | EPISODE 07

Toyota FJ60: "Saggin' Wagon" - Off Road Expo Give-a-way!

2006 | EPISODE 08

Formula Toy Part II and Toy Payoff!

2006 | EPISODE 09

SubUrban Gorilla: 1000 lbs of torque & Louisiana Mud Race!

2006 | EPISODE 10

Cheap Jeep IV - Extreme Rock Racing!

2006 | EPISODE 11

SubUrban Gorilla Gets Winched!

2006 | EPISODE 12

Project Saggin' Wagon Part II - W.E.ROCK Judges

2006 | EPISODE 13

SubUrban Gorilla Part VII - Wiring

2006 | EPISODE 14

Shannon Campbell Crawler Build

2006 | EPISODE 15

Project Saggin' Wagon Part III

2006 | EPISODE 16

Ranger Resurrection Part VI

2006 | EPISODE 17

Ranger Resurrection Part VIII

2006 | EPISODE 18

Skyjacker F250 Project

2006 | EPISODE 19

Xtreme Ultimate Trailer

2006 | EPISODE 20

Poison Spyder Finale

2006 | EPISODE 21

Jeep Speed Build

2006 | EPISODE 22

SubUrban Gorilla Part VIII

2006 | EPISODE 23

Best of Trails/Bloopers (CJ, AJ, Wyo-Crawler, Ranger Resurrection)

Project: MF JK Part 1


With a plethora of aftermarket upgrades available, the Jeep JK has tons of hardcore off-road potential! We upgrade ours with capable body protection, a set of heavy duty axle assemblies, and flow-through Magnaflow exhaust!

Project: MF JK Part 2


Now that our JK's got the parts to perform, we'll give it rugged good looks: a sleek, gunmetal finish, suspension seats, stainless steel roof rack, and a hard-hitting sound system. Then we'll see if our ride is ready for the coming zombie apocalypse!

Trekking Tacoma Part 1


We're rebuilding our Toyota Tacoma from the ground up, making it a 100% self-contained expedition vehicle. The foundation: a comprehensive suspension upgrade, including a solid front axle, heavy duty leaf springs, and all-terrain tires.

Trekking Tacoma Part 2 / Easter Jeep Safari


We outfit our Toyota for adventure, with solar battery panels, a rooftop tent, serious body protection -all the items that make an expedition vehicle, an expedition vehicle! Plus: a trip to Moab, for the Easter Jeep Safari.

Trekking Tacoma Part 3


Our expedition-ready Tacoma receives an air compressor, heated shower, and more...but what can this rig handle on the trail? With the IFS replaced by a solid axle, and all the amenities you could want, our Tacoma is ready for the long haul!

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 1 / Inside the Rock Crawler


You want to build your own tube buggy, but you don't have a garage full of fabrication gear. We've got a solution: a DIY chassis kit. With a welder and some basic tools, you can build a trail-ready tube chassis. Plus: insane hill-climb action!

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 2 / Hudlow Axles


Our "tube chassis in a box" needs some axles! Using only basic hand tools and a welder, we'll fabricate a wicked front axle from two bargain junkyard housings. Plus: we visit Hudlow Axle, to get some handmade shafts for our custom creation.

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 3 / Southeast Tough Truck Challenge


Our budget-friendly, ready-made rock crawler project continues, with a 5.3L salvage yard engine and link suspension. Plus: start-to-finish coverage from the SETTC, one of the most demanding hill climb events around!

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 4 / Driveway Rescue Project 2


It's down to the details on our "buggy in a box" build! 42" tires, air struts, and full hydraulic steering bring our crawler closer to the trail. Plus: what's the perfect wedding gift for a wheelin' husband? Find out, on this week's Driveway Rescue.

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 5 / Streetwerkz Powder Coating


We ready our rig's drivetrain for hardcore wheeling, including an upgraded Turbo 400 transmission, and an NP205 transfer case with enhanced low-range capability for steep hills. Plus: a look at the latest in powdercoating technology!

2-Car Garage Crawler Part 6 / Driveway Rescue Project 3


Final assembly of our buggy-in-a-box begins with gears and lockers, high-steer knuckles, and all the essential off-road accessories. Plus: we drop by a viewer's house to help out on his project, on this week's Driveway Rescue.

Chase Truck Part 1 / Jeep TJ Part 2


The race car gets all the glory, but the chase truck does the heavy lifting! We focus on the rig that hauls the racer to the starting line and provides the repair & recovery needed to cross the finish line. Plus, our TJ gets an easy roll cage upgrade.

Chase Truck Part 2


Our 2500 HD chase truck project continues, with power-adders for the engine: a cold air kit, methanol injection system, programmer, and more. Once it's fully loaded, we'll test the Chevy's abilities in the passing lane!

Half-Price Raptor Part 1 / Jeep TJ Part 1


The Ford Raptor earned its esteemed reputation with a powerful motor, top-notch suspension, and sleek styling lines. But high-tech comes at a high price. Our plan: take a 1997 F150, and design a rig to compete with the Raptor...for half the cost!

Half-Price Raptor Part 2


Our F-150 build continues, with a massive front end upgrade: extended control arms, a re-geared IFS, and hardcore bypass shocks. Plus - 37" AT's for ground clearance and control. This rig's suspension will absorb anything the trail throws our way!

Half-Price Raptor Part 3 / Jeep Speed Up Close


To perform like a Raptor, our F-150 needs a stronger engine. Today, we'll bottle up some Lightning, with a budget-friendly junkyard find. Plus: a detailed breakdown of the major components of the Jeep Speed racer.

Half-Price Raptor Part 4 / Jeep TJ Part 5


OK, we've upgraded our F-150 to handle and accelerate like the Raptor, but it still LOOKS like an old pickup truck. We've got a plan to take care of that! Plus: the finishing touch on our TJ project... suspension seats for long days on the rocks.

Half-Price Raptor Part 5 / KOH Qualifier


Our F-150 update rolls on, with a supercharged 5.4L bringing the boom! We'll update the electronics to handle our V-8 and reuse some key components to save money. Plus: high-stakes racing at the East Coast King of the Hammers Qualifier!

Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part I


Expedition trucks travel to some truly remote and scenic places, carrying all the provisions for food, water, and shelter. We begin our Jeep WJ Expedition project with updated suspension and axles. Plus, we take an expedition trailer on the trail.

Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part 2


Expedition travelers journey well off the beaten path, searching for adventure in the far corners of the world. Our expedition WJ receives heavy-duty bumpers, winch, and hydraulic steering. Plus: we visit the Dixie Run, a festival dedicated to the Jeep.

Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part 3


The Grand Cherokee gets the last of its upgrades, and then our journey begins! We take our Jeep on a weekend wheeling trip, complete with overnight camping. From hauling gear to the campsite-to handling rocky dirt roads and trails- our WJ does it all!

Blog Buggy Part 1


Viewer designed, Xtreme built! Thousands of viewers took the online poll to help us build our new buggy. Starting with a pre-made chassis, we use the poll results and begin a one of a kind Crawler! Plus, our Cherokee gets an upgraded transfer case.

Blog Buggy Part 2 / Low Dollar Wheeler 5


Your wish is our command! The Blog Buggy continues, based on the results of our viewer poll. We add a custom-fabricated engine guard, winh, gas tank, radiator and more! Plus, we paint our Low Dollar Cherokee on a truly tight budget: 25!

Blog Buggy Part 3


We are rounding the corner on the Blog Buggy! The viewer's choice crawler gets hydraulic steering, seats, lights, and more. Our rig is almost ready to wheel! Plus, we examine which type of fluid line works best for your specific application.

Blog Buggy Part 4


The Blog Buggy returns-or at least its engine! You chose a "vintage" 5.3L small block, but Ian has some plans to improve this junkyard find. Camshaft and valve train upgrades grab us 100 more ponies, but the real power comes from a custom turbo setup!

Blog Buggy Part 5


Using our Blog Buggy as an example, we take you step-by-step through the process of "skinning", or making body panels for a tube buggy. We'll cover the correct materials to use, and show you the advantages of several metal cutting methods.

Blog Buggy Part 6


The rock crawler our viewers designed is complete! Today, we turn the final wrench on the Blog Buggy, and take it on the tallest, toughest boulders we can find. Plus: we outfit our Expedition WJ with a cost-conscious rooftop tent.

'69 International Scout Part 1


This classic truck is turned into a modern dual-purpose rig with V-8 swap, lift, rear 4 link and more. International Harvester is said to have created America's first SUV when the Scout 80 was introduced in 1961. Now these vintage 4x4's are highly sought after as collectibles. We build our own with spring over axle, heavy duty axles, and with the help of a donor truck's V8 we'll keep it mostly IH to satisfy the purists!

'69 International Scout Part II


Classic truck returns with step-by-step gear install, teardown of stock V8, plus introduce flex fuel conv. They were said to be the first true SUV, now Scouts are highly collectible and great trail trucks. Also in this episode, transmission and transfer case will be planned out, as well as plan the conversion of the the gasoline motor to run on Flex Fuel!

'69 International Scout Part III - W.E.Rock Geo Tracker


America's 1st SUV the IH Scout continues its modern transformation, keeping a "cornbinder" at heart. The 345 V8 we snagged out of a Scout II gets rebuilt and mated to more reliable transmission and ultimate transfer case. Plus a Geo Tracker rock crawler!

'69 International Scout Part IV "Roll Cage Tech" Rock Racing Profile: Levi Shirley


The Scout 800A gets a roll cage today. Everything from design, which material to choose along with bending, cutting, notching techniques. We'll hit the XRRA trail and meet 16 yr old rock racer Levi Shirley's on his way to being the next Shannon Campbell.

'69 International Scout Part V - Transmission & Winch Rebuild


Our popular Scout returns to the shop for two popular rebuilds. Why throw away a used transmission and pulling winch when you can rebuild them yourself! We'll gut a 700R4 automatic trans and a popular winch in order to make both good as new.

'69 International Scout Part VI - Springs, Brake, Fuel System


Our IH Scout build continues with exhaust, fuel system, & new suspension. Smaller coil springs are in order to lower the truck's center of gravity. A brake kit provides stopping power. Plus, we'll show you some cool extras to be the envy on the trail.

'69 International Scout Part VII - Wiring Basics, Gauges, Schematics, Troubleshooting


Wiring a truck can be a daunting task. Ian breaks it down from layout, schematic diagrams, to actual wiring of our IH Scout. Ignition, gauges, lights, plus simple circuits explained, plus how to turn a conventional alternator into a single wire setup.

'69 International Scout Part VI - E85 Tune - Plus Street and Trail Payoff!


Our Scout is buttoned up in this final episode. Fuel injection pros show us how to tune the EFI on our 345 small block, then afterwards, we take to the street in a performance test. Find out how our cornbinder performs off road also in a hardcore test.

Dual Purpose TJ Part I - Scott Taylor CORR Profile


When Jeep discontinued their popular TJ, it didn't discourage off roaders from gobbling up this multi use vehicle from used car lots and junk yards. Today, Jessi and Ian find their own for the ultimate transformation. Body stretch kit, 4 speed transfer case, rolling on 38's, are just a few of the mods. Plus in our event of the week, CORR racing from Primm, Nevada and a look into the 30 year career of Skyjacker race team driver, Scott Taylor.

Dual Purpose TJ Part II


The Jeep TJ is out of production, but that doesn't mean its out of the minds of 4 wheel enthusiasts! In part two of our dual purpose TJ project, the transformation of Ian and Jessi's 2003 junk yard find continues with a whole host of aftermarket Jeep upgrades including Dana 44 axles, coil over shocks, and a host of goodies from Quadratec. Plus, Jessi provides a useful tech tip to make transmission service a lot easier.

Dual Purpose TJ Part III


In Part III of our ultimate on road/off road TJ our build team continues their transformation of this wrecking yard Jeep by installing axles, suspension and mounting the wheels and tires, plus adding a bunch of goodies like tube doors, soft top and more cool stuff from Quadratec. And in our event of the week, we go behind the scenes at World Extreme Rock Crawling where the father son team of Jim and Cody Waggoner mix it up on the course in more ways than one! Having your dad be your spotter can make for some interesting moments!

Dual Purpose TJ Part IV - Mickey Thompson Tuff Truck Series


In part four of our 2003 TJ build, our scrap yard Jeep gets treated to a 5.7 liter 50 state legal Hemi engine swap! All the questions about this popular build will be answered including wiring, exhaust, emissions, and exactly how to get this dual purpose Jeep tagged and licensed for the street, including California! Plus, we'll head to the Indianapolis 4 Wheel Jamboree and the Mickey Thompson Tuff Truck series and follow one bare bones competitor - Sonny Dohrmund - vying for the championship, without big money sponsorship.

Dual Purpose TJ Part V / Female Rock Crawler - Nicole Johnson


In part five, the rest of the drive line in our dual purpose 2003 junkyard TJ is tended to, including transfer case, U joints, brakelines, cooling, shifter and more. All custom aftermarket applications that you can tailor to your Jeep build up. And after this episode, this Jeep will be ready for the highway and for the trail.

Dual Purpose TJ Part VI - Payoff!


The final installment of our junkyard TJ will recap this popular Jeep build up. From when it rolled into our shop as an insurance write off and began its transformation into the ultimate street legal, trail ready off road truck. From the solid axles to the 5.7 Hemi conversion, we'll see this machine get emissions tested, hit the highway, then tackle the trails. And while on the trial, smart wheeling will be discussed, since this rig needs to get us home at the end of the day.

Samurai Part I - W.E.ROCK III


Part one of our Suzuki Samurai tin top build, where a daily driver is transformed into a pint-sized hardcore 4x4. First Toyota axles are installed front and rear, along with a custom four link suspension. A build like this can be done on a budget, and our team keeps the costs low. Plus in our event of the week, we head to Las Vegas to see how competition drivers cut their teeth in the stock mod class before they hit rock crawling's elite.

Samurai Part II - MOAB II


Part two of our Samurai build up includes tearing into the body big time! Now you can back-half a Suzuki and tube the rear, or you can try and keep the structure intact. That's what we're going to do along with an exoskeleton. Check out our welding tips in this episode also. In our travels, we check out the famous Moab Rim Trail in Utah.

Green Samurai Part III - Finale


With the world going "green" the Xtreme Team is doing their part in the off road community by giving the Suzuki Samurai a veggie oil fuel conversion. That's right, waste vegetable oil will fuel this killer off road mini-monster with a VW turbo diesel powerplant. Final touches are made including details on converting a diesel burner to run on French fry grease!

Green Samurai Returns!


The Green Samurai fun buggy returns for a list of drivetrain upgrades, including new gears, lockers, axle housings and more.

Aluminum Samurai Part I


After its second rebuild, our Suzuki Samurai was almost perfect! But why stop at "almost"? The Sammy begins a new phase, with increased suspension travel and a lower center-of-gravity thanks to a handmade double-rail frame.

Aluminum Samurai Part 2


With a total project weight of 2500 lbs. as our goal, the completely redesigned Suzuki receives an ultra lightweight aluminum body. Plus, we add a stock hood and mildly-modified windshield frame, to help retain that Samurai look.

Aluminum Samurai Part 3 / Jeep TJ Part 3


Do it yourself is the phrase of the day for our aluminum-bodied Samurai: hand-built doors, a custom cooling system, and a two-tone paint job will make our "Zuk" stand out in the crowd! Plus: a complete suspension and driveline upgrade for our Jeep TJ.

Aluminum Samurai Part 4: Zuwharrie Trail Ride


Each year, hundreds of devoted Suzuki fans gather at the Zuwharrie Trail Ride in North Carolina. This time, we crash the party with our aluminum-tubbed, turbocharged Samurai, to find out just how well our "Zuk" compares to the competition!

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